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"A Group By The Name of Love" - Arthur Lee and Love on Danish TV 1970

"En gruppe ved navn Love" (A Group by the Name of Love) is a Danish TV documentary broadcast on 17th July 1970. It features Arthur Lee and the second line-up of Love with Gary Rowles, Frank Fayad & George Suranovich playing live at The Tivoli in Copenhagen in March of that year.

Arthur is interviewed and when questioned about the band's line-up changes just grins and says "everybody is Love"

Interesting for the live footage of the band, there are also scenes of Arthur wondering around Copenhagen, walking through a snow-laden Danish wood and a perhaps not suitable for work topless Danish dancer jiving around to "She Comes In Colors".
Hey it was the 60s.

David Fricke on Rolling Stone's Arthur Lee and Love's Essential Bootlegs described the live recordings thus "Love were especially feted in Denmark: Danish TV interviewed Lee and taped five songs at the Tivoli show, including the convulsive thunder of "August," from 1969's Four Sail, and Lee's brutal update of the heroin-blues crawl "Signed D.C.," originally on Love. It is a short but rare solid-audio shot of Lee in the kind of dramatic vocal command that made him an instant, fearsome star on the Strip just five years earlier."

Not sure I agree about the version of Signed DC. It seems a little overwrought compared to the raw acoustic simplicity of the version on the first album but the band are impressive. Four Sail is a much under-rated album coming as it does after the momentous Forever Changes.

See the complete 40 minute documentary below.

See also for more on the Copenhagen gigs.

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