Sunday, 6 January 2013

Leroy Van Dyke - It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Leroy Van Dyke is a veteran country artist who scored a couple of big hits with The Auctioneer and Walk On By in the 50s and 60s.
Here he is doing an fantastic cover.of Dylan's It's all over now Baby Blue. I can't find too much info about it online so if anyone has any more to tell please comment. It's from 1965 and produced by Dick Glasser who also did some work with the Everly Brothers notably their Two Yanks In England LP. It has a classic mid 60s echo-laden Spectoresque arrangement with a great menacing riff and Leroy's solid steady voice delivering Dylan's lines with mature country story-telling finesse. This is Country / Pop / Folk / Rock crossover a while before Gram Parsons turned up to make it hip.

This is cool.

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  1. Nice version of this clasic song.
    I have no idea of this guy, the voice it's warm and deep. It sounds like a mix of Elvis and Johnny Cash, it's it?