Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Pretty Things live on Pop 2 - 13th January 1971

By 1971 the days of the Pretty Things as a longer-haired, nastier, filthier version of the Rolling Stones were long gone. As was their R'n'B repertoire. They'd scored artistic, if not commercial, success with 1968's PF Sorrow concept album / rock opera, and had followed it up with the arguably superior Parachute in 1970.

The only original survivor from the R'nB days was singer Phil May. Guitarist Dick Taylor had left the previous year to go off and produce Hawkwind's first album. He was replaced by Pete Jolson and the other Pretties were now Jon Povey on keyboards, Wally Allen on bass and Skip Allen on drums. Phil May would also often take a back seat allowing the other members to take over lead vocals.

This concert and interview is from French TV's Pop2 program and is a bit of a stunner.

The interview is translated and overdubbed into French but if you can listen past that it is interesting for the band's comments on contemporary topics of the day - the "new culture", free concerts etc and even their old rivals the Rolling Stones are mentioned apropos of what happened at Altamont.

The band really rock and the second half of this shows them very much on top of their game. Easily as good as any of the other first division hard rock acts of the era. What a shame this line-up of the band did not get the recognition they deserved.

Pretty Things On Pop 2 - 13th January 1971.
Interview with Patrice Blanc-Francard.
She's a lover / In the Square / The Letter / Sickle Clowns

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