Monday, 20 May 2013

Optimism, Positivity and SOUL POWER!

The other night I was guesting on Campo Aperto, a radio show on Spanish Radio Kras. The theme of the program was late 60s and early 70s funk and soul. Mainly funk. We were playing James Brown, The Meters, Sly Stone, King Curtis... that kind of thing. If you want to listen to the program, the link to the podcast is here /index.php?id=1535 (however it is in Spanish)

Anyway, while doing the show I was struck by how positive and optimistic Soul was. Fueled by a righteousness born of gospel and the belief that future really was going to be better than the present, Soul music marched on Washington and, against truly overwhelming odds, really did change the world.

Real change is always slow but if some 45 years later there is a black man in the White House, this is the music that put him there.

There is a lesson here for our times. We too have a need for optimism. We need to believe that the future will be a better place. And we need a music, art, philosophy that inspires that belief.

So, meanwhile, here is some Soul Power to get you through your day.

The Temptations' Ball of Confusion shows that in 45 years the world's problems have not changed much.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?

Get into it. James Brown - Get Up! Get Involved!

Sly Stone - Stand!

Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can!

The Impressions - We're a Winner!

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up!

The real soul power?
OV Wright - You Must Believe In Yourself!

James Brown's Deep Funk

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