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The Intergalactic Sofa - A Radio Kras Podcast

The Intergalactic Sofa ("one size fits all") meets the Radio Kras Tardis.

And when you touch down…
Do you remember when you first heard music? Did you ever hear a piece of music when you were a kid and suddenly things were never the same again? I remember hearing the Beach Boys' I Get Around on the radio when I was about 9 years old. It resulted in possibly the biggest peak experience of my life. In the three minutes or so that this song lasts some mysterious force in the universe picked me up, rearranged all my molecules, messed with my 9 year-old sense of reality and blasted my nervous system into a hitherto unknown region of the multiverse. Suddenly all the pieces in the cosmic puzzle fit and the universe roared YEEESSSSSS!!! Charged up? I was bloody soaring through the red... Then, finally, as the song began to fade, it deposited me safely back down in the family living room wondering what the hell was that? And where do I find some more? I was never really the same again. It gave me a passion for music and I’ve been chasing that buzz ever since.

That is what music does to you. That is what any good art will do to you. It makes you feel something and hopefully inspires you. And so...

The Intergalactic Sofa
When Gimi asked me to do another program with him on his In Campo Aperto show on Radio Kras I suggested doing something with a Grateful Dead / psychedelic theme. It is the music I have probably found most inspirational over the years and, in the case of the Dead, a pretty fail-safe tonic and general pick-me-up for when the times get too weird.

This post was actually the original inspiration for the show. Freak Out! In Praise of Improv
I ended up narrowing my choices down to about 5 or 6 hours of music. I knew I wanted to get the 19 / 09 / 1970 Grateful Dead gig at the Fillmore NY in as I think it is some of their finest recorded music. The rest we pretty much just chose as we went along.

We set the Intergalactic Sofa on auto-pilot for Eight Miles High; The Misunderstood took us to the Sun, Jonathan Wilson to the Valley of a Silver Moon and the Dead circumvented a particularly fine Dark Star. We finally ended up on the Quicksilver Messenger Service's Happy Trails.  A fine ending. Turned out quite well really...

Check the embedded program out below. Both Gimi and I agreed it's a pretty cool trip
Don't worry the chat is in Spanish. The music speaks for itself I hope this stuff inspires you as much as it does me...

The Intergalactic Sofa (gets you there on time)
  1. The Byrds - Eight miles high (Single). An apt start and Gimi and I chatted about how under-rated a guitarist Roger McGuinn is and how wonderfully berserk his playing is here.
  2. The Byrds - Why? (Single). From the era of Why Not?
  3. The Byrds - What's Happening? (Fifth Dimension LP). Crosby gets existential and McGuinn's guitar supplies the answers.
  4. The Byrds - Hey Joe (Fifth Dimension LP). The Byrds rock...
  5. The Misunderstood - My Mind (Before the Dream Faded LP). Hold tight. You can quite clearly hear steel guitarist Glen Ross Campbell tear holes in the very fabric of reality in the last 30 seconds.
  6. The Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun (Before the Dream Faded LP).
  7. The Butterfield Blues Band - East / West (East / West LP). According to Joel Selvin when the BBB played San Francisco in '65 they had a massive effect the SF scene.
  8. The Grateful Dead Live at the Fillmore East, New York (September 19, 1970).  Dark Star > St. Stephen > Not Fade Away > Darkness Jam > China Cat Jam > Not Fade Away. Some of the finest Dead music there is.
  9. Jonathan Wilson - The Trials Of Jonathan (Live in Aviles, Spain 8/7/2013).
  10. Jonathan Wilson - The Valley Of The Silver Moon (Live in Aviles, Spain 8/7/2013). Keeping the faith and a great live band.
  11. Cream - NSU live in Detroit Oct 1967. Eric tries to keep up with Ginger and Jack.
  12. Jimi Hendrix Experience - Red House (Live in San Diego - In The West LP). The skill and the ideas. Hendrix nails it.
  13. The Quicksilver Messenger Service - Mona, Maiden of the Cancer Moon, Calvary (Side 2 Happy Trails LP). The best psychedelic western film soundtrack that never was. 
  14. The Byrds - Captain Soul (Fifth Dimension LP). We hope you had a pleasant flyte...

Listen below

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  1. That's great Dave. Good bunch of themes for a good trip. Congratulations