Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Sadies - This Week's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World live in Gijon, Spain

The Sadies are a band I was always going to like. They follow in the best musical tradition of the pioneering Byrds and, although Canadian, have trail-blazed their own version of Gram Parsons' Cosmic Amerikana. They easily and convincingly cross mid 60s Garage Rock with Psychedelic Country, Surf music with twangy Duane Eddy style mock western TV themes and R'n'B with knees up fiddle-led hoe-downs. If they are not the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world, they are quite possibly one of the greatest rock'n'roll bar bands you will ever see.

The Very Beginning (from the new album Internal Sounds)

The guitar styles of brothers Dallas and Travis Good compliment each other perfectly. Travis has a rapid fire picking style reminiscent of the Byrds' Clarence White and Dallas does a neat line in Townshendesque feedback-drenched buzzsaw garage rock rifferama. Mike Belitsky keeps a cracking pace on drums and Sean Dean's acoustic stand up bass is a welcome sight on stage and sounds so good you wonder why anyone bothers with the electric versions. This is a band with a wide and varied repertoire and the chops to do it all justice. They are not messing.

They really are a cracking live band. In the Sala Acapulco in Gijon, Spain on Thursday night they delivered a 2 hour set that included highlights of their new album Internal Sounds (possibly their best yet) and some mega hot cover versions - notably Love's A House Is Not A Motel and a final barnstorming medley that referenced mid 60s Garage punk faves like Them and The Count Five

A House Is Not A Motel

Final Encore Medley

If you like the Byrds around their Untitled period (especially the live cuts on that album) go see 'em. They will not disappoint. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greatest Rock'n'roll band in the world!
Well from Canada anyway...

Buy their albums too. My own favourites are In Concert Volume 1, New Seasons and their most recent album (and very Byrdsian) Internal Sounds which could be their best yet.

The Sadies

More stranger than known

Baby Woodrose and Kadavar in Gijon, 3rd May 2013

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