Monday, 3 November 2014

Spain's Cosmic Country Rockers - Arizona Baby live in Gijon 1 / 11 / 2014

Arizona Baby - Photo Ricardo Suarez

Arizona Baby are a Spanish band who, believe it or not, do a really impressive line in Cosmic Americana.

Their brand of Gram Parsons / Byrds influenced psychedelic acoustic country rock really works well - especially in a live setting. For a band that only has two acoustic guitars, a drummer and no bass, Javier Vielba (lead vocals and guitar), Rubén Marrón (lead guitar) y Guillermo Aragón (percussion) have a surprisingly full sound and are reminiscent, both in look and style, of an acoustic Byrds circa 1971 .

Check out this video they did for the title track for the 2012 album The Truth.

Their 90 minute set at the Sala Acapulco in Gijon on Saturday night was outstanding. I really enjoyed them. Below are two highlights.

Their new album is called Secret Fires and is available on Subterfuge. Check it out. They have a knack for writing tunes that are both catchy and imbued with a sense of good cheer.

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