Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hinds - Wonderful Garage Psych Trippy Gum

Hinds (FKA Deers) are my favorite band of the moment. They are a four piece band from Spain who specialize in trippy garage punk psychedelic pop.

They haven't recorded a full album yet but judging by their singles on bandcamp and the bits and pieces on Youtube they show an awful lot of promise for the future.

These songs are very catchy 60s inspired pop. Perfect joyful infectious music to listen to now that Spring is finally upon us.

And their videos also show a sense of fun that is occasionally reminiscent of the kind of send-up antics the Beatles used to get up to in the early 60s. And the Monkees.

They should have their own TV show.

Listen to these two tracks and fill your heart with spring. Album soon please!

The band are currently gigging all over the world. Last spotted in the USA I think...


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