Friday, 9 October 2015

The Sonics at Sala Albéniz, Gijon, Spain 8th October 2015

It was packed full. Overfull probably.
And it was hot. And it was fast. And it was loud.
It was everything a good old-fashioned rock'n'roll gig should be.

The Sonics really delivered at the Sala Albéniz in in Gijon on Thursday night. For a band whose members have already entered their seventies it was actually pretty shocking a times to witness the sheer raw power that these veterans of the 60s garage scene could summon up. The relentless pace and energy of the 75 minute set was of an intensity that would make bands half their age envious.

I must also confess to being a little surprised at how varied the audience was. The band certainly have a following in Gijon. Of that there is no doubt. The theatre was absolutely packed the to walls. And not with the old timers either but with a pretty varied range of ages. A lot of the younger people in the audience must have been at least a third the band's age.

The Sonics are tight and solid but for me the star of the show was drummer Dusty Watson (The Supersuckers, The Queers and even Dick Dale). He really drove the band forward. A band is only as good as its drummer they say. Well, the Sonics are a fantastic rock'n'roll band to see live and one of the reasons for that is most definitely Dusty Watson. The man is a drumming super machine.

Here they are playing the hits.

Jerry Roslie (keys/vox); Larry Parypa (guitar/vox); Rob Lind (sax/harp/vox); Dusty Watson (drums/vox); Freddie Dennis (bass/vox)

Sala Albéniz, Gijon, Spain 8th October 2015.

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