Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Peralta - Spain's Best Kept Secret - Live in Gijon, Spain 15/03/2019

A number of really good rock bands have come out of Spain over the years. One thinks of Los Brincos, of course, and Manta Ray, and also contemporary band Hinds.

Peralta rank along any of the above named. They are Spain's best kept secret. A throuroughly superb rock band. And I'm not the only one to think so. Sid Griffin, of the Long Ryders and the Coal Porters, says they his favourite band. And he should know. They've played together.

They are gigging once more around Spain and if you get the chance go and see them live, they really are an excellent good old fashioned hard rockin' live band. They really deserve to be better known.

Marcos Montoto is an outstanding guitarist, probably one of the best in Spain. He knows his Clarence White and has a knack of compact, melodic and slightly off the wall solos that really pack a punch. Pablo Gonzalez is a superb drummer, one of the best around. He has an innate drive and powerful funkiness that really push the band forward. He can also do Keith Moon style fills and come right back in on the beat. Angel Kaplan (rhythm guitar) and Juancho Lopez (bass) are a formidable rhythm section that anchor the fireworks and keep the band on track. They all write their own songs and do vocals and harmonies but most of the lead singing is handled more than competently (in English) by Pablo.

The band's self composed songs are tuneful and reminiscent of late period Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, CSN and classic mid 60s Garage Rock. They do a fantastic cover of the Gram Parson's Older Guys which rocks harder than the original (see clip below).

Their CD "Time Purpose and Gold"  is a favourite of mine and ranks alongside Beechwood Sparks or the Woods as a 21st century psych amerikana rock classic. It is is available for buying or free streaming on bandcamp here https://folcrecords.bandcamp.com/album/folc030-peralta-time-purpose-gold-lp

Do yourself a favour and check it out.

All in all, a live band that delivers great songs, has a fantastic rhythm section, does nifty off the wall guitar solos, play 12 string guitars, do harmonies, and even throw in some Who style feedback.

They tick all the boxes and just get better and better.

Why the hell aren't they better known?

Check out some of last Friday's gig in their hometwon of Gijon, Spain here.

and at their most who-like

Read more here http://strangerthanknown.blogspot.com/2014/12/peralta-time-purpose-gold-spanish-bands.html

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